There are two things that make Iggbo work: our technology and our amazing family of independent healthcare specialists. Our specialists are phlebotomists and technicians who are highly qualified and highly motivated individuals who want the flexibility of setting their own schedule and seek new opportunities in their healthcare career.
How does it work? Iggbo specialists are equipped with our Iggbo app which sends you appointments for blood draws, medical tests, and other healthcare services delivered to the location most convenient for the patient.

Be Your Own Boss
Work when you want, where you want, as much as you want. Set your schedule to fit your lifestyle – whether you are looking for part-time income or just need the flexibility to pick your kids up after school. You’re in control.

Make More Money
Iggbo connects you to the specialty laboratories, health systems, and providers whose diagnostic tests have the most value. Phlebotomists and other technicians working through Iggbo can increase their income by 150-200% through a dependable flow of appointments.

Build Your Future
Iggbo connects you to the professional resources – accounting, legal, insurance – that you need to create your own business. We supply you with all of your appointments and ensure you have everything you need to complete them. Iggbo also provides you with the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills since we offer much more than just one type of healthcare service. And we are always there to support you – by phone during business hours and online 24/7.


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