Scott Brown

Phlebotomy, IV, EKG Instructor




3648 Cypress Creek Parkway. Suite 201 Houston, TX 77068


ECG/EKG Course Description:

Cost $250  Exam fee $45

This course is hands on in person class.


Coronary Anatomy and Physiology – Heart location, functionality, vessels, valves, layers, structures, nervous system correlation, and overall correlation to life.

Electrophysiology – Polarization, depolarization, repolarization, waves, complexes, intervals, and segments. Electrical issues surrounding the heart.

Lead Placement – Names, functions, and placement for all leads on an ECG, and troubleshooting of faulty leads. Practice up to 20 live EKG’s in class.

Technical Aspects – Safety, controls, functions and distinguishing between artifacts from rhythms. EKG Routine – Process from start to finish. Patient identification through record and print.

Heart Rate Calculation – Differentiating between the three types of rhythm irregularities. Methods for calculating heart rate on any one of a number of EKG rhythm strips.

Basics of Rhythms Strip Interpretation – A systemic approach to for basic interpretation of rhythm strips / heart rates.

Commonly seen heart rhythms – An overview of the most common heart rhythms, discussion of abnormal rhythms and potential effect on the patient, and basic rhythm strip identification.

Basics of Cardiac Pharmacology – A “level-appropriate” overview of common cardiac drugs, their uses and potential side effects.

Introduction to Diagnostic Electrocardiography – This section is an overview of Cardiac Stress Testing, Holter Monitoring, and other cardiac specific monitors that are used in medicine to assist in diagnosing and monitoring those with heart conditions.

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